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ICN News – Entering 2024, Resource Alam Indonesia (KKGI) performance continues to be improved with a production target of reaching 4 million tons and by 2025 it can reach 4.5 million tons. To achieve this target, various steps continue to be taken, including efforts to maintain the mega pit design in mining in the Loa Janan and Tani Bakti blocks. Apart from that, KKGI has also started making preparations for coal mining in Loa Haur which has proven coal reserves of approximately 12 million MT with calories between 4,650 – 6,191 GAR and is included in ICI 3 to ICI 1.

KKGI has also started land clearing activities for Loa Haur Jetty of 35.1 hectares Apart from that, KKGI has also made a ramp for the planned landing of equipment and fuel oil as well as a parking area for unit parking. The land that has been acquired is 10 hectares while the jetty being built is 3 hectares.

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The next target, KKGI plans to build a Smart City adjacent to the IKN Nusantara location. We are also reviewing several cooperation proposals with property developers for Real Estate development on its own land of 3,766 hectares located in the Samarinda Municipality and Kutai Kartanegara Regency areas.


This article can be read in the February 2024 edition of ICN News Magazine.
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