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Resource Alam Indonesia
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ICN News – The previous name of the company was PT. Kurnia Kapuas Utama Glue Industries, it was established in 1981 with the authorized capital of Rp. 5,000,000,000 of which Rp. 1,500,000,000 was issued and fully paid up. The founding shareholders of the company are the Adijanto family consisting of Mr. Adijanto, Mr. Soenaryo Priosoetanto, Mr. Ir. Agustinus Adiono, Mr. Swandono Adijanto, Mr. Ir. Pintarso Adijanto, Mr. Suparno Adijanto, Mrs. Antje, Mrs. Mimi Purnomo, and PT. Kurnia Kapuas Plywood Industries.

Based on the latest information received by ICN News that after several changes, currently KKGI’s initial capital is Rp. 200,000,000,000 of which Rp. 50,000,000,000 was issued and fully paid up. The majority shareholders are MSIP S/A Energy Collier Pte Ltd (38.17%) and PT. Sejahtera Jaya Cita (28.63%). Profile of KKGI in details is pictured below :

Head office address at Bumi raya group building Jalan pembangunan I no. 3 Jakarta 10130, DKI Jakarta, Phones – (021) 633 3036 (hunting), 3952 5530

Shareholders consist of : MSIP S/A Energy Collier Private Limited, PT Sejahtera Jaya Cita, LX International (S’pore) Pte, Ltd, Morgan Stanley and Co International, Mr. Pintarso Adijanto, Mr. Suparno Adijanto, Mr. Hendro Martowardjojo, Mr. Wimpi Salim, Public, and Treasury Stock

Based on the Company’s Articles of Association, KKGI’s scope of activities is to engage in mining and quarrying, wholesale & retail trade, real estate, financial & insurance activities, processing industry, and transportation and warehousing. The main activities of KKGI and its subsidiaries are engaged in coal mining, wholesale trading of solid, liquid and gas fuels and finished products, real estate owned or leased and holding company activities.

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The total assets of Resource Alam Indonesia (KKGI) in the last five years amounted to USD 126.35 million in 2019, USD 108.69 million in 2020, USD 132.18 million in 2021, USD 170.18 million in 2022 and USD 196.84 million in 2023 (September).

KKGI through its subsidiary PT. Insani Baraperkasa is a leading coal mining company in Indonesia. Until 2023, the controlled PKP2B concession area will be 24,477 hectares, including the Purwajaya, Manunggal Jaya, Handil Bakti, Bayur, Simpang Pasir, Warat and Separi blocks.

Board of directors: President Director – Mr. Pintarso Adijanto, Directors – Mr. Eddy, Mr. Bambang Prijonohadi, Mr. Wimpi Salim, Mr. Winanto, and Mr. Agoes Soegiarto Soeparman.

Board of Commissioner(s) : President Commissioner – Mr. Hendro Martowardojo, Commissioners – Mr. Suparno Adijanto, Mr. Wonchil Yu, Independent Commissioners – Mr. Darma Putra Wati, Mr. Ge Luiyanto Yamin


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