Personal Services The Most Important Thing At Sany Makmur Perkasa

Sany Makmur Perkasa
Teguh Yuli Pitoyo - Sales and Marketing Director PT. Sany Makmur Perkasa (SMP)

ICN News – One of the most important things discussed by the United Nations (UN) in 2011 was the issuing of guidelines for the business world to uphold human rights and not sacrifice them in every step taken for business interests.

In the business world, human relations between entrepreneurs and customers must have a humanizing concept or companies must provide personal services to customers.

If this is created, who are satisfied are the company and its customers.

Satisfying customers or providing specific Personal Services to customers will create loyalties which have a positive impact on the company or producer.

This awareness is apparently applied at PT. Sany Makmur Perkasa.

“For us, providing personal services to customers is everything,” said Teguh Yuli Pitoyo as Sales and Marketing Director of PT. Sany Makmur Perkasa (SMP) told ICN News on the sidelines of the Mining Exhibition which took place recently at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta.

According to Teguh that in the near future, we will create a series of Personal Services programs for customers in the form of Customer Gathering. This program is intended for our customers so that they are satisfied and Communication between both is better. The next programs are Club Operator and Club Mechanic.

“We carry out the above activities because the development of the palm oil industry is getting more advanced from year to year. This is in line with the growth of new palm oil plantations. Therefore, we are aware that we have to carry out a comprehensive series of after-sales services or from upstream to downstream. One of them is by providing personal services to customers,” said Teguh Yuli Pitoyo.

“Moreover, our company has recently entered the palm oil and forestry industry. However, the sales market for our products for palm oil and forestry has experienced quite large sales at the national level. Especially in Kalimantan, we lead the sales market with number one, said Teguh.

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What Teguh said above was reinforced by Toni Saputra’s confession in the field. “For the Kalimantan region, the sales prospects for Sany heavy equipment products intended for oil palm plantations and forestry are very encouraging and satisfying. Currently, we are in number one,” said Toni Saputra as Sales and Marketing Supervisor for the Kalimantan region.

“We believe that this phenomenon of increasing sales is the result of a series of after-sales activities which we carry out. Including the Personal Services we provide to our customers,” said Teguh.

When ICN News asked which palm oil industry companies had purchased Sany products.

Teguh enthusiastically answered this way. “Thank God. Sany products have been noticed and liked by big companies. So they buy our products. These include: STA Group, Wilmar, Bakrie Group, Rajawali Group dan Sinar Mas Group, First Resources Group.”

Yeah. Reportedly, PT. Sany Makmur Perkasa is an Authorized Dealer of Sany heavy equipment for mining and Mobile Hoisting and Concrete Machineries in Indonesia.

Sany is also a company which provides heavy equipment spare parts in the form of Sany Genuine Parts which are original heavy equipment spare parts under the Sany brand.

With the diversity of products offered by Sany, Sany has become one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the mining, nickel, oil palm plantation and forestry heavy equipment industries.


This article can be read in the February 2024 edition of ICN News Magazine.
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