Increasing The Facility of Coal Jetty

Coal Jetty
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ICN News – According to TITAN President Director, Darwan Siregar, the Phase 1D project is designed to expand existing port facilities to support the production target of 20 million tons per year. SDJ will continue to be developed according to market demand. Since 2015, SDJ Port has had a special 120 km coal transportation route, managed by PT Servo Lintas Raya, a subsidiary of TITAN. This line serves 15 other mining companies which are its clients.

Barge transportation is the most efficient and sustainable transportation option for transporting large quantities of coal. Compared to large ships, the large loading capacity of barges makes it possible to transport larger quantities of coal in one voyage. This advantage not only optimizes costs but also increases productivity significantly.

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Barges have a lower carbon footprint, reducing negative impacts on the environment. By using barges as the main means of coal transportation, the company contributes to environmental preservation.


This article can be read in the February 2024 edition of ICN News Magazine.
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